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2012 and Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching)

Posted in Reviews by xding78 on November 13, 2009

First of all, be careful! This post contains spoiler. Read at your own risk!

Finally, after half a year waiting I’ve seen 2012. It dose not disappoint me. I mean it’s a big Hollywood production. I’ve expected the story line to be good, nice and vanilla. It’s a given. Plus I could just rest my eyes when the cheesy parts started. What I really like is the turn of events in the story line. Just when a person thinks he made a decision that saves his life, the next minute, it might turn out to be a really bad one that takes his life. I couldn’t help thinking about the first two sentences Laozi written in his famous Tao Te Ching. "The truth that could be told is not the truth." (I personally think this translation is more authentic). Laozi pointed out here that everything is dynamic; nothing does not change forever. (Very similar to Heraclitus‘s famous quote: "You can never step into the same river twice") I think this ancient principle is the thread that connecting all the pieces together in 2012. We should take dynamics for granted. Indeed, facing a mega disaster as so, many things we believe in are no longer important; money no longer matters, status no longer matters, beauty no long matters, nations no longer matter, … No wonder the governments want to disclose the information. Because that news will shake the very foundation of the current civilization. And the news of the human society comes to an end will fundamentally change our values. Just imagine if the 2012 apocalypse is true, what will you be doing now?

I am still writing this blog. I might take a piloting lesson and diving lesson since these two skills appear to be essential in many disaster movies.

Anyway, some trivials in 2012.

  • Charlie.
    My favorite character is Charlie. And his animation is just simply brilliant!!! It doesn’t have to be fancy; it’s fun and Charlie is right about that people like fun stuff. Even though the message is dark and painful, it doesn’t have to be presented as dark and grievous.
  • Dr. Adrian Helmsley’s arguments.
    One thing I couldn’t agree more in 2012 is that humans have very strong instinct of survival. Yes, we do everything to survive. That’s exactly why I think that Dr. Adrian Helmsley has chosen very poor arguments near the end of the movie. Such arguments of course will only be affective in Hollywood movies, might not even in independent movies. Nevertheless, the decision is out of mutual interests I believe. I don’t know how other people think, but I was thinking, Hmm… How on earth are those rich people and politicians alone going to survive? I mean without the people who actually WORK. It’s like Paris Hilton is gonna raise pigs for food or Brad Pitt is gonna do some maintenance of the ship (good for him if he really can). Anyway, my point is that if the world leaders agree with Dr. Helmsley on other arguments I would be more convinced.
  • The Italian prime minister stayed with his people!!??

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