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Trade EOS 450D to EOS500D

Posted in Photography by xding78 on November 13, 2009

Two hour ago, I went to the store where I bought the EOS 450D, returned the camera and bought its younger sister Canon EOS 500D + EF-S 18-55mm IS kit. When I saw it’s on discount, I cannot wait anymore. I’ve seen the review of EOS 500D on According to those guys, the EOS 500D is a major upgrade. And very importantly, EOS 500D features video natively. Although with EOS 450D it is possible to take videos, but you need to install a 3rd party tool, (EOS Camera Movie Record)  and you need to connect EOS 450D to a PC (actually the PC takes over the camera just used it as a webcam). I’ve tried with EOS 450D and that 3rd party tool, it is a whole new sensation. I’ve played with HD camcorder in the past, but usually the lens with those devices is just standard. And with a mirror reflex camera you can attach to different lenses, and capture the depth of field. I cannot wait to share some videos here. Since I just traded it, I’m still charging the battery. I’ve only taken an HD video for 2 seconds, the battery went empty.

Anyway, I’m very glad I did get the EOS 500D, I’m sure I will need to take some videos in the future. Cannot wait to try it…

Believe me, the actual video is so much sharper. But for almost 12 seconds, it’s 53MB in .mov H2.64 format. I don’t bother to change the video format, just leave YouTube to handle it. Hear that squeaky sound? That’s probably why they invented USM.

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