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Berlin – Wall Museum, Mauermuseum, Museum Haus am Check Point Charlie

Posted in Trip by xding78 on December 10, 2009

Long before I visited Berlin, I planned to visit the Wall Museum. Because the museum is really close to Check Point Charlie, it’s called "Museum next to Check Point Charlie". Check Point Charlie is still standing at the original place to remind us the not-so-long-ago history. There is a board next to the check point with two pictures on either side. From the previous western Berlin side, from south, you will see a picture of a Red Army soldier. From the other side you will see a picture of an American soldier.

It’s not allowed to take any photos in the museum. So I just took some photos around the museum. Interestingly there are many vendors selling army cap (looks like the army cap for the Red Army, but I am not sure). I remember the thick caps with an extension to protect ears were once very popular in China. I believe they are the best you could have in extreme cold weather.

There are also some vendors cleverly integrate "Check Point Charlie" in their names. Such as this snack bar, I believe it’s a Subway, calls itself "Snack Point Charlie". Even BMW Mini takes the ride.


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