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Actionscript 3 – Dynamic Text Field missing and Character Embedding (embed fonts)

Posted in Actionscript 3 by xding78 on April 3, 2010

Here is the situation, I trans-coded actionscript codes in a fla file to a document class. And there were several dynamic text fields on the stage.

When I compiled the fla, everything went smoothly, and there is NO ERROR MESSAGE!

However, all the dynamic text fields are missing. It looked like an error for me and of course my clients.

So I wrote the text fields in the document class as objects. It still didn’t work!

I knew there must be SOMETHING with the text fields,

but WHAT??!!

After almost an hour of aimless searching, I remembered there is a pretty hidden option called “Character Embedding…”.

Yes, it is!! It is THE reason why I didn’t see any text and the system didn’t report any error.

After I embed fonts, all the text fields appeared the way they were designed to be.


Sometime I just wish the system could be more humane

It could have kindly reminded me:

Oh, b.t.w. there is an important option called “Character Embedding…” Would you care to try?


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