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(Undo) Windows 7 System Restore and Actionscript files

Posted in Actionscript 3, Do not Panic, Trouble shooting by xding78 on April 3, 2010

On Thursday I was working on a flash simulation. After some minor changes on some movieclips, I compiled the fla file. To my surprise the compiled swf file went completely nuts.

My first reaction was:

“oh, it looks like the document class is missing, none of the function works…”


The document class which contains days of work is GONE!!! Together with some classes that draw specific shapes contains hours of calculation are missing!!!!

Since I backup my files on daily basis I did not panic immediately, I went to the folder that contains the work of the day before, THE SAME THING!!! The document class and other classes, basically all the actionscript files are missing.

I haven’t touched the document class, what the * happened??

I think anyone who has some experience with Actionscript and Flash would understand my shock and frustration. There were hundreds of functions in the document class, especially some of the features in the document class were written days ago, I am not sure if I still remember the exact construction.


Then I realized I had done a system restore the night before. I restored the system to the state of March 23. Indeed, the actionscript files that were written before March 23 are there.


So the system restore must be the cause

Just before I started to rewrite the document file all over again I managed to calm down. I decided to see if it’s possible to solve the problem in the same way the problem was caused (the Chinese wisdom here). In this case, it means to undo the system restore. And to my surprise it is BEAUTIFULLY DONE. After I undo the system restore, all actionscript files went back.

I guess what happened was that the system restore considers Actionscript files as some sort of system files or registration files. All other documents and files (that I have) are intact. Only Actionscript files are affected.

I think it must be some miscommunication between Microsoft and Adobe. Everything changes so fast; Microsoft is busy building new and newer operation systems; Adobe is busy with CS5…

Anyway, lessons learned here is that ALWAYS BACKUP before performing such kind of tasks.


Undo system restore:

Go to Control panel –> System –> System Protection –> System Restore: (the exact same way you perform a system restore)


Just find the system restore you want to undo and press next.

It’s just that simple.


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