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The keyboard shortcut launched screensaver + screen lock solution (Windows 7)

Posted in Reviews by xding78 on May 10, 2010

In office, it’s quite common to just walk away from the desk and computer for a while from 1 minutes to several hours. Meanwhile how about the computer screen? Lock it! Here is why:

When I still worked for Philips, there is a colleague who went for lunch without locking his screen. When he came back from lunch he was fairly shocked to see that his screen was up-side-down. At the end, he had to turn the screen up-side-down physically. Of course, eventually he managed to set his screen back.

It was set by another colleague. At first thought, it was a pretty nasty joke, but with the second thought, it made a perfectly good point. It is a way of saying: “You must protect your screen whenever you’re away.” You never know what will happen and who will come around.

Anyway, I DO understand the importance of locking my screen up. However, I recent the boring “Locked” screen. Thus I found a script that locks the screen with Google screen saver.

::initiate screensaver of choice

"C:\Windows\SysWOW64\GPhotos.scr" /s

::lock the workstation

%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

From now I can already double click to launch the script.

However, what I want is to use keyboard shortcut to launch it. Here is the solution:

  • Create a shortcut of the script;
  • move the shortcut on the desktop;
  • right-click the shortcut to access it’s Properties;
  • specified the key combination