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Google more search filters on the left side

Posted in Reviews, Something new by xding78 on May 9, 2010

It’s interesting now some of Google’s search filters are also available at the left side. Although it seems the same as the filters on the top bar, it is really not the same from user experience perspective. I don’t know when this happened; cannot believe that I missed it.

Imagine I’ve already started the general search, the topic I’m searching is the "constant" for the moment. All the various aspects of the topic such as, News, books, shopping, videos, etc. are the variables. What I want is to be able to focus on the topic. What I don’t want is to always have to go to a "foreign" page and start search all over again. So, really by putting the filters on the left side showing that Google understands users mental model and try to facilitate a better navigation flow.

Here is a little screen capture to show what I mean. Imagine the following scenario:

I’m planning a holiday in Greece for the next few weeks…

After checking the news in Greece I decided to prospone my holiday for a while…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


10 Must-see UX Videos

Posted in User Experience by xding78 on May 2, 2010

  1. Interaction Design—Bill Verplank

  2. Drawing Ideas and Communicating Interaction—Mark Baskinger

  3. Designing Humanity into Your Products—Bill DeRouchey, FBtB09

  4. Sketch-a-Move—Anab Jain and Louise Klinker

  5. The Design of Future Things—Don Norman

  6. Why designers fail and what to do about it—Scott Berkun

  7. Singing the Body Electric—Fabio Sergio

  8. Sketching & Paper Prototyping—Todd Zaki Warfel

  9. Adam Greenfield at Frontiers of Interaction V

  10. Being Human Is NOT Quantifiable—Jeff Parks